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Lile’s Angel Fund


Lile’s Angel Fund was established in honor of our beloved son Lile.

Some people felt like Lile was an old soul. He was often described as a deep and serious young child who loved nature, rocks and artifacts, especially arrowheads.

These bracelets inspired by Lile’s love of life, passion for the outdoors and Native American culture are a way to ensure our precious Lile is remembered and that his spirit continues to spread love and kindness to others on this earth by helping those who have lost loved ones, those who are facing illness and those who may need a little extra encouragement to face a trying time.

All proceeds are channeled through Lile’s Angel Fund directly to people in need.

Art to
Heal the Heart

Bracelets inspired by Lile’s love of life to help other families facing tragedy.


Our Story in the Media 

We continue to share Lile’s story beyond his life in hopes of helping other families facing tragedy to cope + heal. You can find our story of Lile’s life and beyond in Pathfinders Magazine, Aspen Public Radio, and many others.

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In memory of…

Lile Mecom Mullins

March 17, 2005 – March 11, 2012

“Death is a part of life; of that there is no doubt. We cannot undo it, nor change the whims of nature. We can, however, choose to appreciate those in our lives on a daily basis. We can show our love by being kind, patient, forgiving and always be willing to start fresh each day with a clear slate. In the end our only regrets will be of the times that we forgot these simple truths.”